nicole atkins

Exclusive: 5 Questions With Nicole Atkins

1. picked your track “War Is Hell” as a “Sexy Track” of 2011. How do you feel about that? What is the inspiration behind the song?

I think its great but also very ironic. I wrote this song after a pretty epic fight with an ex. I had all of these little Dia De Los Muertos figurines that got broken as a result of said argument. I was talking to my sister the day after saying how I was looking at all the broken little skeleton men on the ground and how it resembled the fallen on a battlefield. My sister goes, “Well, theres your next song.”

2. Are you preparing another single from the album? If so, which one will it be?

The current single is “Cry Cry Cry.” For the next single after that I’m hoping to put out either “My Baby Don’t Lie” or “You Come To Me.”

3. Are there any interesting projects or tours (perhaps maybe EPs) in the future that you are planning?

This summer we’ll be doing some dates with the Avett Brothers and the Black Keys and then the Bonnaroo festival. After that we’ll be doing our own tour down in the Southeast. We’ll also be recording a 4 song ep of songs that the Black Sea and I wrote together as a band.

4. Your new album, Mondo Amore, is already out. How would you describe it and who were your influences during the recording process?

Mondo Amore is a psychedelic crooner blues rock record. It is a darker record than anything I’ve recorded previously. Its a breakup record without the spite. Its romantic and melancholy and heavy and sexy and rocks really hard.

5. We love quotes, what is your favorite quote or motto?

“When life hands you lemons, squeeze them till the juice runs down your leg.”
Also from Oscar Wilde, “We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are lookin at the stars.”