Must-Watch: Video Premiere: “When Christmas Comes” by Mariah Carey and John Legend

For some reason Mariah Carey decided to releases this just two weeks before the occasion. We had thought the she was going to leave it for the re-release of her album Merry Christmas II You in 2012. However, we are going to be very angry lambs if new non-seasonal material appears next year. Yes, we said it.

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First Listen: “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey & Justin Bieber

As part of an international #Lambily, we have to say that we are very against Mariah Carey releasing another version of this classic, because it has been done and did. Now she did it again, right after her second seasonal album and this time, it’s with Justin Bieber. We think this is the only Mariah Carey track that we won’t be purchasing and/or listening to. It must be really lucrative for business to have every teenager’s heart-throb cover one of your songs, but this is just too much and Mariah doesn’t need it. Click below to give it a listen, but approach with caution!

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Mariah Carey working with Randy Jackson and Big Jim Wright on new album!

It’s good to hear some fresh music news from Mariah Carey other than that millionth version of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” with Justin Beiber. What a mess. Anyway, Big Jim Wright and Randy Jackson are working on new tracks for Mariah. This is exciting news, but let’s face it. We won’t see this album until at least mid-2012. Check the below tweets!


Mariah Carey’s next single will be “When Christmas Comes”


Mariah Carey’s “Oh Santa!” didn’t really climb the charts like “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” but she is already on her second single and we are glad she is releasing more. Not that we have listened to the album Merry Christmas II You, as we have been very bad lambs! But a new video would be splendid.

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