Exclusive: The day LOFT965.com met Beyoncé!

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If you have been following us on Instagram (check sidebar), you would know that the good people at Pepsi sent us on a very exceptional trip. Way back in November we learned of a possibility that we might be taken on a trip of a pop lifetime. Yes, right before Beyoncé‘s fifth album surprised the the world, we were chosen to be a part of a very exclusive trip to get the full Beyoncé experience.

As you might know, we have been working hard on the blog for 5.5 years now. That’s a whole lot of work considering the fact that we were consistent in delivering the best in music throughout the very tumultuous past years. Blogs launched and blogs closed, we kept on. (We didn’t get to Top 30 Music Blogs of Technorati for no reason). So, it’s about time this little URL started getting us some places, and, girl, it has.

The three day trip to NYC was a bubble of excitement packed with events that even the laid-back fan would be super jealous of. Yes, it was a thrill. Here were some of the things on our itinerary:

  • Visiting the Empire State Building with all other participants for a meet and greet.
  • Reception dinner.
  • Trivia night at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club (with a menu catering specifically to Beyoncé lovers, including the “Love On Top” cocktail. By the way, my group won the trivia… mhhhmm.
  • A visit to Jungle Studios, where Beyoncé recorded her latest album (and Mariah Carey recorded The Art Of Letting Go – the same place she preformed the song on Jimmy Fallon).
  • Meeting some of the people who worked on the album in the studio, including the lovely Teresa LaBabera-Whites, who worked with Beyonce, Mariah, Britney and much more!
  • Singing in the studio to “Grown Woman” and have it recorded!
  • Tour of the studio’s rooms.
  • A visit to Alvin Ailey Studios.
  • Meeting Chris Grant, Beyoncé’s choreographer.
  • Learning the dance moves to 5 Beyoncé songs.
  • Lunch at Justin Timberlake’s Southern Hospitality.
  • Attending Motown: The Musical.
  • Tour of Barclays Center.
  • Bowling in Brooklyn (socializing with other participants)
  • Tour of the Barclay’s Center and visiting the private lounge.
  • Meeting Beyoncé. (Above)
  • Luke James opened the show.
  • Exclusive seats at the Mrs. Carter Show.
  • Madonna and Drake were in the audience.
  • Post-concert party.

All of this happened in three crammed days. It was a hoot and it went by so fast. Thank you Pepsi for making this possible and also for always keeping a finger on the pulse of what’s happening around the world. The experience was amazing and hopefully there’s much more to come from the #YallaNow peeps. Also, for those who want to know… Beyoncé was amazingly nice and cordial and took the time out to greet everyone. We rarely get starstruck, but this time we definitely were.