Björk to premiere “Biophilia” film at the Tribeca Film Festival!

Apparently a film about Biophilia, the album we are assuming, is coming out soon. The instagram only said this: “the biophilia live film will be premiered next month at the tribeca film festival !örk #biophilia #tff2014”

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Must-Watch: When Bjork met David Attenborough!


“Music, science and technology. The moment that I have been waiting for has arrived, and words cannot describe my feelings right now. Watching inspiring people like Bjork and David Attenborough discuss the science of sound has made my dream of a proper collaboration for this combination come true!”

Click here to watch the documentary! 

Bjork and David Attenborough team up for BBC documentary on science and music!


One of our favorite musicians, Bjork, has joined forces with one of our favorite presenters/scientists, David Attenborough (Famous for the BBC nature documentaries), to create a documentary dissecting the ever-so-fascinating link between music and science. We don’t know about you, but we just fainted like three times in a row. This is going to be amazing. We can’t wait.

Loft List: 10 Essential Icelandic Artists!



Gist: If the rest are the country’s stars, she is the Icelandic sun.

Download: “Joga,” “Pagan Poetry,” “Hyper-Ballad,” “Crying,” “Pluto,” “Desired Constellation,” “Wanderlust” and “Enjoy.”

Emilíana Torrini

Gist: Contemporary folk wonder with volcanic emotion.

Download: “Sunny Road,” “Jungle Drum,” “Unemployment In Summertime,” “Dead Duck,” “Me & Armini” and “Tuna Fish.”

Hafdís Huld

Gist: Icelandic quirk delivered at its best and most loopy

Download: “Who Loves The Sun,” “Pop Song,” “Plastic Halo,” “Könguló,” “Tomoko,” “Synchornised Swimmers” and “Litlar Stjörnur.”


Gist: Dream pop before it was invented.

Download: “Green Grass Of Tunnel,” “Nightly Cares,” “They Made Frogs Smoke ‘Til They Exploded,” “Marmalade Fires” and “Prophecies And Reversed Memories.”

Lay Low

Gist: Winter darkness is long in Iceland, this is the remedy.

Download: “Jolene,” “Please Don’t Hate Me,” “By And By” and “Farewell Good Night’s Sleep.”


Gist: Reykjavik melancholy captured by folk-inspired sextet.

Download: “Seoul,” “Hilli (At The Top Of The World),” “Over & Again” and “What Are We Waiting For?”

Ólöf Arnalds

Gist: Another folk chanteuse supported by Bjork.

Download: “Surrender,” “Jonathan,” “Close My Eyes” and “Solitary Man.”


Sigur Rós

Gist: Overtly emotive band with rock mentality and alternative swagger.

Download: “Gobbledigook,” “Hoppípolla,” “Sæglópur” and “Ára bátur”


Gist:  New artist born out of an arranged marriage between the feisty Lykke Li and the melancholic Agnes Obel.

Download: “I’ll Drown” and “Pretty Face.”

The Charlies

Gist: Their unabashed knack for Eurovision pop proves that Iceland is definitely a part of Scandinavia.

Download: “Let That Body Breathe,” “Ticking Like A Bomb” and “Monster (Eat Me)”

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