LOFT965.com has relaunched globally!


Hello all, as you might have noticed the blog has been going through some changes and a little downtime. Well, this was all due to the fact that we have totally given the blog a new look and relaunched it. The relaunch is so different that we wrote a one-paragraph blurb that we are pushing as a so-called press release:

Fabulously hailing from Kuwait, one of the world’s top music blogs (LOFT965.com) has been completely relaunched. Founded (in 2008) and managed by Nasser AlQatami, LOFT965.com is known for its up-to-date take on the the music world, introducing new artists to readers, celebrity interviews and its famous monthly playlists. To keep pace with increasing traffic and the ever-evolving blogosphere, the site has been completely revamped and recharged. The #1 music blog from the Middle East now boasts a fresh custom-made design, SEO optimization, exciting features and a whole new attitude.

 All this could not have happened without the impeccable work of RabbitStew.co!

Basically, after 4+ years of trying to make it happen on WordPress, we moved, got a make-over and a facelift for  2013 and beyond. This is all due to you lofties out there. We took a while but we managed to catch up. Now, we are ready to get bigger, better, faster and more colorful – with your support of course!

Sing it to the world!:

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Tell us what you think about our blog!

Hello there,

I am the head blogger here at LOFT965.com. Yes, I said “head.” Anyway, we (as a collective) keep asking you to tell us what you want to see more of on the blog. Also, we always ask you to give us your feedback, but your lazy asses have been reaping but not leaving (comments). You know we slave away here trying to get you the latest and bested of your kind of music, so sit down a little and give us a tiny paragraph and litter it with compliments. You know what they say about compliments.

Much love,

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LOFT965.com getting major love on Pinterest!

As you might all know, LOFT965.com is on the grind on Twitter and Facebook, but we haven’t been keeping up with Pinterest as of late and it looks like our little blog much attention with “pins” over time!  We realize that the visuals are an important aspect in our blog and it is great to have such a response.

Click here to check it out! 

Keep Pinning!

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Your feedback, feedback is appreciated!

Today, we made sure we get the best of the spring weather outside before the heat sets in by blogging outside. It reminded us of a time when we haphazardly blogged without a thought in the world, well the times have changes and we are still asking for your feedback. So, chime in on your two cents on what you think is good and what you think should go. Feedback in the comments section appreciated!