Josephine Oniyama

Exclusive Interview: Pop Form: Josephine Oniyama

Josephine Oniyama



Artist: Josephine


Nickname: Jo


Age: 29


Sound Description: folk, soul, pop


Favorite Color: red


Favorite Artist Right Now: First Aid Kit


Favorite Artist Growing Up: Bob Dylan


Favorite Film: Pan’s Labyrinth


Favorite Spice Girl: sporty


Favorite Drink: tea


Favorite Gadget: kindle


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Joan Osborne releases new single “Shake Your Hips”

Just when we episodically forgot about the lovely Joan Osborne, we are sent a link to some great news. The “One Of Us” singer is ready to give the world more music and more covers, which is what she is well-known for. This time her new album Bring It On Home, is a collection of blues classics. The first single is now out on iTunes. It’s called “Shake Your Hips.” Let’s hope it packs the punch!

Legendary: “It Hurts Me Too” by Karen Dalton

You know that we are on an endless quest to find female singers/songwriters of the past. Recently, we stumbled upon the greatness that is Karen Dalton. With just two album, she managed to introduce an intrinsic link between folk and rock. Many female artists did not get the credit they deserved during her time only to drop out after a couple of releases like Dalton. But, her music is a testament to the evolution of this sound and, to this day, it is not bad at all.

Legendary: “Diamonds & Rust” by Joan Baez

We are currently on a sbinge to find great female singer /songwriters from the olden days. We are very familiar with some, yet in comepletely unaware of others like Joan Baez, who we have been sleeping to everyday. If you know of any female vocalists from the 60s, 70s or 80s tell us. We doubt we will find many that we don’t know of, but it’s always great to explore old catalogues of great artists.