Lady Gaga rejects duet with Madonna!


Allegedly, Madonna asked Lady Gaga to perform a song with her onstage but Lady Gaga turned her down. Madonna explained: “You know, I invited her onstage to sing with me. But, she turned me down. It’s okay. I’ve been rejected before. It builds a little character.”

This is funny coming from Madonna. Despite MDNA‘s commercial performance, this women’s ego remains exponentially inflated. Did she forget how many times she insulted and ridiculed Lady Gaga in public? Or the fact that she still covers Gaga’s “Born This Way” in her live shows segued with “Express Yourself” to further beat the dead horse of the similarities between the song.

Still, Madonna expects Lady Gaga to run to her feet when asked? The truth is the new generation is more inclined with Gaga. Even if Madonna is iconic, it would do nothing for Gaga to perform with her. Being iconic never shifted album copies, just ask Grace Jones.

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Madonna disses Lady Gaga in concert!

So, Madonna’s at it again. Raising controversy to shift more copies of her new album MDNA, which hasn’t even passed the half a million mark in sales since its release more than two months ago. Not that album sales matter to us, but it sure does to her.

Anyway, here the diva keeps beating a dead horse with the notion that Lady Gaga has stolen “Born This Way” from “Express Yourself.” As if that wasn’t enough of a hint of Gaga’s supposed plagiarism, Madonna force feeds the audience a lyric from her song “She’s Not Me” to further confirm her alleged claims.

It’s quite a sad thing to see a 53 year old woman pushing onto the world – especially an established one. Had she based her career on her talents and not this blatant controversy-seeking she would be selling as many record as Ciara now. Yeah, we said it.

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Lady Gaga plans media blackout, to completely disappear!

Lady Gaga sat down with Oprah Winfrey to tell her about what’s going on in her life and also to give Oprah’s OWN a ratings push. The interview was cute at times, banal mostly. But, she did say that she wants to take a break from it all and just revisit her creative process to produce more material. Let’s see how long Gaga will be able to stay away from all the loving snapshots.

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Must-Watch: Video Premiere: “Marry The Night” by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s new 13 minute music video for “Marry The Night” – the next single from Born This Way – has leaked in full on Twitter. Unfortunately, the YouTube version is not out so we will forward you to one of our favorite blogs run by our friend. About the video, high-drama, pushing too many ideas in at once and fire. Typical.

Click here to view the “Marry The Night” video!