Ani DiFranco gives birth to baby boy!

ani_difranco9Congrats to Ani DiFranco for delivering yet another addition to her family! Righteous Babe announced: “Welcome Dante DiFranco Napolitano to the world!  Ani gave birth to a baby boy in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday, April 6.  Everybody is healthy and happy. ”

We hope she is happy and healthy. She will get back on the road in November.



Ani DiFranco is pregnant with second child!

You know were not much of gossip blog, but when it comes to our favorites we like to report everything and besides it touches on the music. At any rate, turns out that there is a little gap in Ani DiFranco’s heavy touring schedule. However, it is not because she needs a break but because she is pregnant and about to deliver her second child with her partner. Yes, there will be more of Ani’s precious kin out there. We wish her all the best!  Continue reading


First Listen: “It Belongs To Me” by Monica & Brandy

The two R&B powerhouses are back at it. The two divas have come together to give their fans another duet. The girls didn’t try to imitate their past hit, but tried to create something new. Although the track is not as robust as “The Boy Is Mine,” it still has its moments. Give it a listen.