Kuwait Crime: Witch with wine…

Suspicious tenants: A Kuwaiti man was shocked on learning that his tenant, a compatriot woman who was living with her British friend, was brewing liquor and practicing sorcery, reports Al-Anba daily. 
The Kuwaiti landlord noticed water leaking from the ceiling of his house and was told that the pipe in the upper floor needs to be changed. As the upper floor house was closed for two weeks, he got the door broke open following which he found a barrel of brew and sorcery tools. 
The landlord also made the discovery that the woman had lied to him about her poor Arabic knowledge. She, however, vacated the house in exchange of a promise that the landlord won’t file a complaint against her.

I didn’t get the memo, is the witch hunt still on? Are you going to repeat the Salem witch trials? Salmiya witch trials? Get with the program and stop the binge on Harry Potter. Really? She was arrested because she has witch tools? You’re all tools! Oooo, magic!