Sexy Track: “What’s Happening Between You And Him” by Ane Brun

If you follow this blog you would know that we love a good pop beat any day of the week. But, what really makes us swoon for ages is a solid sombre tune. Who better to deliver this sound than the unequivocally divine Ane Brun. On “What’s Happening Between You And Him” Brun visits melancholic austerity with depth and a yearning as deep as a well. With stark drumming and simple yet direct lyrics allows for a haunting saunter around the dimmer edges of a love story. The kind of stories that pop up on cold and lonely rainy nights. This is just music at its most revealing and vulnerable. A charming track that can shelter you for eons.

Video Premiere: “Worship” by Ane Brun featuring Jose Gonzalez

“Worship” is the second chapter released from a short film based to music from Ane Brun’s album “It all starts with One”, the film that houses no fewer than four orchestrated songs will be premiered in spring 2012.
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