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Legendary: “I Love You Too Much” by Shea Seger

Shea Seger’s The May Street Project is one of our all-time favorite albums. Yes, it  had everything we needed to make us swoon at the tracks. This is one of the singles off of the album and we, quite frankly, still can’t get enough of the sound. Too bad the new album didn’t resonate with us at all.

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Question: What are your 2012 mid-year favorite songs as of now?

Now that we have a formidable amount of new releases out in 2012, what are your favorite songs of the year so far?

(That’s me in the pic listening to my new fave track “Heartbeats” by Nina Sky and being totally immersed in it)

Our list goes like this:

  • With You – Flight Facilities
  • 212 – Azealia Banks
  • Lemanja – Melody Gardot
  • Love Spent – Madonna
  • Wings – Little Mix
  • Stimela – Wynter Gordon
  • Really Want To See You Again – Sneaky Sound System
  • Ice – Kelly Rowland
  • Be My Guest – Gaitana
  • Sister Wife – Alex Winston
  • Forever – Medina
  • Call My Name – Cheryl Cole
  • Timebomb – Kylie Minogue
  • Girl Gone Wild – Madonna
  • Let’s Forget All The Things That We Said – Julia Stone
  • What’s Happening Between You And Him – Ane Brun
  • Live Your Life – Yuna
  • Diet Mountain Dew – Lana Del Rey
  • 110% – Jessie Ware
  • Where Have You Been – Rihanna
  • Moon To Let – Tina Dico
  • While You’re Out Looking For Sugar – Joss Stone

What are your favorites of 2012? Please share in the comments section below! 

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Legendary: “I Believe” by Marcella Detroit

Lovely things happened when Shakespeare’s Sister split up, but it didn’t last very long. It was the lead single off Marcella Detroit’s successful album Jewel. Released in March 1994, the ballad became her biggest hit, peaking at No. 11 in the UK, spending eight weeks on the UK Singles Chart. The song was written by Detroit herself and produced by Chris Thomas.


Again: Music For September: Velvetore

This one’s been a long time coming. It’s one of those rare Soul/R&B-inspired compilations that we do one every blue moon. Not because we have a lesser love for the genre, but because there isn’t as much material to work with. So, before we go on a downward spiral with the upcoming Autumn-tinted offers, this one’s a velvety smooth one that serves for the transition of the music. The tracks are not run-of-the-mill R&B, but they are a mixture of sub-genres that fall under the broader umbrella, from neosoul to Motown to ragga. It covers many different sides really, but the common thing is the soul standard. We always long for great vocals laden on nice smooth staccato. This one might not be to all people’s taste, but it was necessary for us to round off all the corners of popular music we love.

Moreover, this one’s dedicated to the person on the cover, whose birthday was celebrated the day of the upload of this compilation. It’s a special dedication to him.

We hope you like this offering as one of our favorite songs of the year is on it. We won’t tell you which one it is, but it’s up to you to figure it out. Also, watch out for new artists that we are very excited about. As always, feedback is not only wanted, but also sexual.

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Again: Music For A Decade: Thalatheen

In celebration of conquering yet another decade, we decided to put together a compilation of some of the strongest and most inspirational songs we had ever heard in our lives. This compilation was set to be a benchmark of a new era and also a collection of the songs that have influenced me the most. Although one would think that picking your favorite songs of a lifetime is easy, this was probably one of the hardest compilations we have had to put together. First off, for a crazed music fan, its hard to nitpick tracks that have made a change in your life. Music is not stagnant and certain songs may have special meanings during times and not during others. Still, we managed to go down our entire library and we ended up with 70+ tracks, so we had to scale down.

All of the songs on here have had a great influence on us growing up and living through. Unlike other compilations, all of the tracks have the lyrics embedded in them. Also, all of the songs are dedicated to someone. These dedications are in some cases tied to the memory of hearing the song or it has lyrical connotation or merely general unrelated dedications. Some of the tracks on Thalatheen speak of epochs of memories. So, this one’s coming from the heart and it’s our gift to you. Yes, we give gifts out on our birthday! lol.

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Melanie C talks about “Rock Me”

Contrary to what many internet rumors are saying, this fifth album by the lovely Melanie C will not be a dance album. What’s the sporty one without some rock? Her “atmospheric” music is always the best and is, probably, some of the most underrated songs in the pop world. The Sea, her new album, will most certainly have gems. Although we are not big fans of this single, we won’t let it taint our idea of the album.

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