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Finally got the iPad!

We managed to get it with the last standing dock in the entire country. It’s 64 GB, that means it could only take a third of our music collection if we decided to fill it up completely. Let’s not even consider the videos. So, we just settled for Undersea Poem’s debut and Kate Nash’s My Best Friend Is You (maybe tomorrow Janelle Monae’s Archandroid and Natalie Merchant’s Leave Your Sleep). But, we love it. We already got all the magazine subscriptions that we can’t get over here because some censor decided to have a field day on boobies. The application is called Zinio and we got yearly memberships of Rolling Stone and Out. Because, we are. It’s smooth and handy. We love it and can’t get enough of it. And, no, it’s not a big iPhone or a small Macbook Air. It’s a creature of its own, especially if you like reading. Best apps post coming up soon. We called it LoftPad, bitches.