Mariah Carey is releasing a new single, album soon!


Mariah Carey’s apparently in the process of recording “a very, very hot record” according to her friend and American Idol colleague, Randy Jackson.

Having a chat to Billboard about his new range of guitars (!), he was obviously asked about something more interesting, ie Mariah Carey.

“We’ve got some hot new music, and there’s gonna be a single some time soon,” he said, foregoing specifics. “There’ll be an album as well. We’re talking about a world tour. There’s a lot of stuff going on.” Continue reading


Exclusive: 5 Questions with Alana Davis

1. Greetings from Kuwait! We must say that we are some of your biggest fans on earth. So much so that we started a “Free Alana” petition a while ago to ask for a new album (Click Here – check the reader comments). How do you feel about that and why the long hiatus?

I LOVE your FREE ALANA page, and i thank you for the sentiment in it. i love and miss you all too!! My break from releasing music was not planned, it just happened. A career, while being a wonderful thing, is only one part of life, sometimes the other parts require attention.

2. So, the pressing question is: are there any details on the next album and when its coming? Is there a new sound we can expect?

I have no specific details on an actual release date for a new album. However I do plan to put some simple guitar/vocal songs online next month. Perhaps I will make an entire album of them, if people enjoy them. Naked is how we were born after all. 🙂

3. Are you ever going on tour again so we can all see you?

I definitely will tour again soon. One of the things i have been doing while not on the road is raising my little sweet daughter! She’s almost 4 years old now, i think she’s ready to hit the road with mama!

4. You have many great cover versions. What is your favorite and why? 

You know the cover song I like the most of those i have recorded is “The Christmas Song.” Those are some of the nicest changes i have ever heard. Pretty chords!

5. Do you still get grief from Ani DiFranco fans for covering “32 Flavors?” (by the way, your rendition is our favorite song of all-time)

No… I enjoyed the experience. Every time someone’s mad at me for changing it there is someone else who is glad i did! i think it all balances out in the wash. 🙂

6. We love quotes, what is your favorite quote or motto?

Favorite quote? Probably from my mother regarding the rude kids at my school: “They’re only teasing you cause they’re jealous, baby…. i know you’d give anything to just blend in… but they’d give it all to stand out!”

Now that i am a mama too, of a frizzy headed little sunbeam, i know she was right:)

(We know it’s called “5 questions with…” but Alana Davis is one of our favorite artists of all time, so we had to add one more!)

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