Again: Music For A Decade: Thalatheen

In celebration of conquering yet another decade, we decided to put together a compilation of some of the strongest and most inspirational songs we had ever heard in our lives. This compilation was set to be a benchmark of a new era and also a collection of the songs that have influenced me the most. Although one would think that picking your favorite songs of a lifetime is easy, this was probably one of the hardest compilations we have had to put together. First off, for a crazed music fan, its hard to nitpick tracks that have made a change in your life. Music is not stagnant and certain songs may have special meanings during times and not during others. Still, we managed to go down our entire library and we ended up with 70+ tracks, so we had to scale down.

All of the songs on here have had a great influence on us growing up and living through. Unlike other compilations, all of the tracks have the lyrics embedded in them. Also, all of the songs are dedicated to someone. These dedications are in some cases tied to the memory of hearing the song or it has lyrical connotation or merely general unrelated dedications. Some of the tracks on Thalatheen speak of epochs of memories. So, this one’s coming from the heart and it’s our gift to you. Yes, we give gifts out on our birthday! lol.

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