Again: Music For Winter: Laxicover IV

The legacy of the Laxicover series is well-known by followers of the blog. Also, it is well known by its own followers. This is one of the most-coveted compilations of our sets. When we first started this series we noted: “It’s the type of record that you can play on end in the background and, also, jam to whenever you want.” Well, now it has become an entity on its own and it delivers some of the most beautifully laden cover versions of pop songs in the world. Enjoy it!

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Sexy Track: “While You’re Out Looking For Sugar” by Joss Stone


You know, we rarely feature cover versions as “Sexy Tracks,” but this one caught our ear and will not budge. Joss Stone has revisited her roots with Soul Sessions Vol 2 and this is one of the standout tracks. It’s always good to cover hits, but it’s always better to reinvent a track that deserved to get much more attention than it did – like Honey Cone’s “While You’re Out Looking For Sugar.” The tagline of the chorus is basically what gets you at first, but the vocal reinterpretation of the lyrics reminds us of how much prowess Joss Stone has. Yes, she might have slipped here and there and (maybe) compromised her sound in order to prove a point with the last two albums, but she’s still got it. This track is proof that Joss Stone is on the forefront of the the soul movement of our times. Whomever can get the lyrics “While you’re out looking for sugar / Somebody’s gonna take your honey and be gone” out of their head is simply not a human.

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Sexy Track: “I Feel Love” by Kim Wayman

There are millions of cover versions, but very few strike a chord with the listener. Here, Kim Wayman, Telepopmusik featured artist and collaborator and one of the best artists to look out for in 2011, takes this Donna Summer disco classic to a whole different level. Kim Wayman teamed up with post-nightlife compilers Unclubbed to recreate one of the sexiest songs on earth. She turned an MDMA anthem into a ethereal sl0w-mo number that will leave you gasping for a breath should you sing along. A beautiful rendition of a great song.