Robyn has not recorded any new material, busy touring!

Okay, so this is some bad news for your little Tuesday morning. Apparently, Robyn has not put effort into recording new material because she is so busy touring. So, we have been waiting for 2+ years for a follow-p to Body Talk and it doesn’t look like its going to surface. That’s sad. She said: “Touring and writing doesn’t work. I’m coming off the road so I can release something quicker…Everyone’s asking when there will be new stuff – The labels I work with, the fans, the journalists. To be honest, I’m just happy someone cares.” Continue reading

Robyn backwards

Robyn to continue in mini-album format!

“The plan is to keep going and recording shorter albums so that I can keep my touring and my recording processes equal,” Robyn, whose single “Dancing On My Own” was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording, tells “I just want to keep a flow, just stay inspired and keep working, and it feels like it’s possible with this way of working. I wasn’t sure in the beginning if people would get it, but they did, which is really cool. I’m touring a lot more than I thought I would, so I’m very happy about how I’ve been able to connect to my audience.”

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Must-Listen: Robyn’s new track “Dancing On My Own” has leaked!

Okay, so this is special news. Not many a-time does a song come and grab you from your shirt this fast and this strongly. So, this song from one of our all time pop faves Robyn is going to be on her album Body Talk Pt.1. It is also a great return to form! It’s new and fresh and although most blogs say that it is the continuation of “With Every Heartbeat,” but we think it’s really “Be Mine” part 2. Both lyrically and sonically. Pure bliss!

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