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Sahara Davenport dead at 27!

Rumor has it that RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant, singer and actor Sahara Davenport has passed away. The drag performer was only 27 and was at the height of her fame. She was famous for her Whitney Houston impersonations. Sahara has released two songs, one in 2010 titled “Pump With Me” and the other in 2011 titled “Get Off.”

His partner, Manila Luzon, has tweet:

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Legendary: “Love To Love You Baby” by Donna Summer

For those not in the loop, they will immediately recognize the Beyonce sample. Well, it was Donna Summer’s thing originally. Donna Summer broke onto the scene with her overtly sexual persona and lovely voice. This is an example of it. A time when sexual liberation was a profound movement. Much love to her!

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Donna Summer dead at 63!

The lovely and beautiful Donna Summer has passed away. The disco icon who had a string of hits throughout her career including “Hot Stuff,” “Last Dance,” “Love To Love You, Baby,” “Bad Girls,” “I Feel Love” and “On The Radio” This is very sad news as we loved her muchly! More news to come!