Kelly Rowland has delayed album until June!

Kelly-Rowland-9loftIt seems like Kelly Rowland has caught the Brandy bug! Yes, the two are now both notorious for album delays. The album Talk A Good Game, which has had many a-name change, is now slated for a later released date sometime in June. Not good news from Kelly Rowland camp. Maybe they are trying to make way for the Beyonce album? Continue reading


Kelly Rowland’s new album is called…

Kelly Rowland already has to hit singles under her sleeve for the new album which was supposed to be called Year Of The Woman. However, “Ice” and “Kisses Down Low” will be at home on the new album, which Kelly clarified, is now called…

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Watch Beyonce’s performance at the Superbowl 2013!

beyonce+superbowl+2013Ok, if you love Beyonce then you are in complete anticipation of her highly-awaited performance at the Superbowl. Beyonce will most probably throw Madonna’s gig out of the ballpark (forgive the pun). We know that Destiny’s Child are allegedly going to show up because of Michelle’s facial expressions here, still what we are really looking forward to is her grand new song debut. We feel like it’s going to be stellar! Because we live far away in Kuwait City, we have managed to figure out how we are going to watch it/ stream it live – and here it is!  Continue reading

original destiny's child new

First Listen: “Nuclear” by Destiny’s Child

original destiny's child newHere’s a vintage Destiny’s Child image for your sans Michelle. This new song is obviously just a ploy to shift some records for the repetitive Love Songs compilation. Although the songs seems to sample a Massive Attack tune, it’s still just a little above average. Do you think Beyonce will take the time out of promoting her fifth album to do a video for this track. We think not.