M.I.A. reveals new album details and release date!


During a Twitter chat with her fan, MIA has revealed some details of her upcoming project, which is slated for a winter release. The disc will apparently be released in December, along with an autobiographical book announced earlier this year, a documentary, and art exhibition, setting up what will surely be a Very M.I.A. Christmas. “if you want to know about LP = ask me questions and ill choose 10 to answer,” M.I.A. posted on Twitter on Tuesday morning. Among the information M.I.A. chose to share was that the album is “still in the making,” with no track list set;“could be 5 [songs] it could be 15 depends on what sounds good in my bros CAR,” she wrote.

Also, the album features “no collabs,” and producers “that don’t act like fame whore coloniser,” which may be construed as a shot at her estranged former collaborator, Diplo. M.I.A. also clarified that “Bad Girls,” her single released earlier this year and remixed alongside artists like Missy Elliott, Rye Rye and Azealia Banks, will appear on the forthcoming album.

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santigold new album single track master of my make believe

Santigold’s new album “Master Of My Make-Believe” has leaked!

Santigold’s second album Master Of My Make-Believe has leaked onto the internet. It did so the same day many other albums have leaked for some reason. Master of My Make-Believe is the second studio album by American singer-songwriter Santigold aka Santi White, to be released on April 24, 2012 in the UK, and May 1, 2012 in the US, by Downtown/Atlantic Records.The cover art representing three incarnations of Santi, was designed by Jason Schmidt.

The record was produced with a wide range of different collaborators and producers including long time friends like Switch and Diplo plus David Sitek of TV on the Radio and Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The album was preceded by three singles: “Go!” featuring Karen O, “Big Mouth” and “Disparate Youth”.

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Nicola Roberts working with Dragonette on debut album!

We have newfound respect for Nicola Roberts. After being the underestimated one from Girls Aloud she managed to release one of the best songs of the year and one of the best videos. Even the B-side to “Beat Of My Heart” was good. But, it looks like that is not the end of it. Nicola Roberts is allegedly working with glam-pop band Dragonette on her new solo album Cinderella’s Eyes. That’ some might good news.



Sexy Track: “Beat Of My Drum” by Nicola Roberts

Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud has gone and done it – she released one of the best pop songs of 2011. The lesser-known member of the group went solo with a great media campaign coupled with a pumping new song. “Beat Of My Drum” is a cheerleader’s dream without being to cheesy. It’s the natural continuation of progressive pop and Toni Basil’s legacy. From first listen, we were taken aback with this tune that has a chorus stronger than a tornado. This song will give you the right amount of energy for a festive summer.

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