Sexy Track: “Glamazon” by RuPaul

Nobody can encapsulate sass in audible form like RuPaul. This song has everything to make you get up and dance. It’s a stomper with an infectious chorus and motivational lyrics that will have Roseanne Barr think she’s Christie Turlington. It’s another catwalk-status groove with an updated beat and enough drive for you to sashay and chante. It’s so good, the album’s titled after it! We can’t wait for the prance-tastic video!


Sexy Track: “Are You Leaving” by Erik Hassle

Erik Hassle is no stranger to sexy tracks. If this buzz single is a snippet of what we are getting for his second album, then it’s going to be a great year! Here, Erik Hassle does what he does best, merging school-house rock with lyrics of longing. Much like our favorite “Wanna Be Loved,” Hassle manages to emulate true emotions of love and attachment whilst being a rock star. This song has the power to get you up out of your seat to play air guitar and it has the power to make you cry. It’s a lovely confection.

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Don’t Quote Me, Vol. 504

“And when you’re running for cover
And you feel the sky falling down upon you
And when it feels like forever
Since you’ve seen the face of someone who loves you

Then one is all that you need
All that you need to keep you warm
Is all that you need
All that you need to move you on
It’s all that you need
All you need is


Tina Dico on “One” wins “Music Authority” blog award!


The hard work has paid off and we are getting recognized by many institutions that monitor cyber development. We woke up today to find yet another badge of honor that has been given to us (we didn’t even apply). Topics Best has branded us a “Music Authority.” The website is a comprehensive portal for sorting and rating blogs. We are very thankful and happy for this.

wikio is the 60th most read music blog in the world!

Just in time for our 2 year anniversary! Today, we woke up to a great email. A member of the staff over at Wikio sent us an email telling us about our new worldwide ranking in our genre. It seems that the loft is climbing and fast. We are currently the 60th most read blog in the world! It stands competition against some great blogs and has passed them. We are very proud of this and wish to continue this reign with more.’s goin’ up!

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