Robin Gibb passes away!

These are sad days for disco. The only worse thing that could happen right now is if something unexpected occurred to Gloria Gaynor, may she live a long life. Donna Summer’s passed, now we hear of one third of the Bee Gees Robin Gibb’s death. That trio produced more disco hits than any other band of their time.  Sad news.


sam sparro new single happiness track album

Sexy Track: “Happiness” by Sam Sparro

Sam Sparro keeps surprising us with all his new releases. This new track “Happiness” brings back disco and revamps it for modern times. Most of us feel that the disco era was not given justice to run its course before it was deemed “unpopular” by the hipsters of the time. Still, count on a gay boy to bring it back unabashedly and expand on it. Here, you get a full on dance hit that is a natural continuation of “Pink Cloud.” It is brawny in sound and will make your feet happy. If Sam Sparro is meddling in this genre on his 2012 album, Return To Paradise,  will be the one to watch.