Introducing… Valerie June


If Valerie June had been a roots artist in America 80 years ago, and she often sings as if she was, she might have been a principle influence on today’s myriad retro troubadours, hers a stunningly emotive amalgamation of blues, folk, gospel, soul, Appalachian and bluegrass (including irresistible banjo). She exists, however, today, an artist as modern as an iPod Shuffle, a musician for the generation which carries the entire history of recorded music so casually inside its phone.

Like a potent distillation bubbling on a Prohibition-era porch, Valerie June makes self-styled “organic moonshine roots music”, music for the porch parties of today, a party where she strums her guitar, plucks her banjo, opens her mouth and delta-blues-country stridently sashays out, a stunning peal somewhere between Dolly Parton and Billie Holiday. Or is it more Wanda Jackson and Shirley Goodman, you know, from Shirley & Co, who sang Shame Shame Shame so disco friskily in 1974? Valerie June does this to you: reaches inside your musical brain and shakes it, unleashing ghosts, emotions and memories, all fluttering like countless musical flakes inside the snowglobe of your mind. Continue reading

kesha deconstruction ke$ha

Ke$ha to release exclusie acoustic EP titled “Deconstructed”

Ke$ha announced today that she will be releasing DECONSTRUCTED, an exclusive acoustic EP that will be available at as part of the Warrior – Fan Edition Warrior – Fan Pack on December 4th.

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Sexy Track: “Jolene” by Lay Low

You know we are on a covers binge, but this one takes the cake and the whipped cream on top. Leave it to an Icelandic chanteuse to take one of the biggest songs in pop history and turn it into a flowing and mellow number that brings up a darker side of the lyrics. Lay Low, turned this Dolly Parton classic into a sombre multi-layered number without making the lyrics schmaltzy. She grew up singing Dolly Parton tracks, so she is no stranger to the country singer’s melodic prowess. The track is handled with great consideration to the concept at hand, but a 21st century update is mandatory. And that is what it got. A must-listen to all cover version lovers.



Introducing… Guðrið Hansdóttir

Way out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, between Iceland and Scotland, is a cluster of 18 small islands called the Faroe Islands. Thats where Gudrid Hansdóttir was born and raised. Her music is a Lilith Fair-worthy blend of chamber pop and perky folk-rock and the past years she´s been performing in Europe and USA.
Gudrid started singing at an early age and shared a high interest in Music. She loved going through her fathers vinyl records and she discovered great artists like Kate Bush, Dolly Parton, Jethro Tull and Jimi Hendrix. Her father was a highly skilled guitar player on the Faroes and on Gudrid´s 14 year old birthday he taught her a couple of guitar chords and she started writing songs of her own.

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