ellen an dthe escapades

Video Premiere: “Without You” by Ellen And The Escapades

Ellen and The Escapades released their new single ‘Without You’ this week and have just released the official video to accompany the song. Ellen’s dusky, enchanting vocals and strikingly well crafted and often bittersweet songs have already captured the hearts of many and live, they are an even more exciting proposition. After a summer of playing pretty much all the festivals, the band are about to head off on a little tour to support this release.



Rihanna’s new album is titled…

Rihanna is already on a new album campaign. Her albums are so close to each other sometimes we mistake which single came from which album. It’s hard to believe that Rihanna has released as many full-length albums as Britney Spears. Yes, she has released that much material. The title of Rihanna’s seventh album is…

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Adam Lambert talks about fight in Finland’s famous DTM, new album

So, if you weren’t on this earth last month – Adam Lambart had a huge violent fight with his boyfriend in Finland’s biggest and most famous gay club DTM. Well, now he is on the Ellen Degeneres. So now he’s “Juicing and exercising.” Ok, then.

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Must-Watch: Robyn performs “Call Your Girlfriend” on Ellen

When it comes to pop, Robyn is at the forefront of the times. Too bad she is not getting as much exposure as the USA/UK artists, but she is stellar at what she does and does it all by herself. This is a monumental track and it should do well given the right airplay.