Nerina Pallot to release EP “When The Morning Stars Sang Together” next week!

Nerina Photo Shoot_13-fixed

The new EP is inspired by William Blake. Nerina explains “When I embarked on this whole EP a month thing, I suspected that, being British, I would start writing about the weather at some point. OK, so this isn’t the weather channel EP but I spent most of February dreaming of epic floods, tsunamis, trying to transport two Jack Russells, a rabbit and small child with only a laundry basket for a vehicle; all that kind of stuff. One night I woke up in a cold sweat after a particularly bad Armageddon dream, went downstairs and stood in my back garden and was filled with the kind of joy that you either need to be five years old or on hallucinogens to experience. I was thinking about this painting I really love by William Blake, called ‘When The Morning Stars Sang Together’ and how it’s a depiction of one of those rare moments in the bible when peeps are looking pretty happy and nobody is being cast off into eternal damnation. (See, as a very lapsed Catholic, I always take end-of-the-world dreams really, really personally). So I wrote from that. The other songs on the EP are quite miserable though; that’s sort of my default setting. I think songwriters as a whole are a breed who would be unhappy being too happy, but I always throw one cheery song onto an EP to lull the listener into a false sense of security.” Continue reading