Must-Watch: Video Premiere: “So In Love” by Jill Scott featuring Anthony Hamilton

Possibly the greatest song of the year as of now has gotten the video treatment. Jill Scott’s monumental “So In Love” is the second single from her fourth full-length album The Light Of The Sun, which is set to drop next month and will probably be on everyone top 5 albums of the year.

Jill Scott to release two albums in 2011!

We all know the the lustrious Jill Scott left her former record label bitterly, but we didn’t know that she had many tracks under them that they are about to capitalize on. Just Before Dawn: Jill Scott From the Vault, Vol. 1 is a medley of songs by R&B singer Jill Scott during her recording sessions and before her departure at Hidden Beach Recordings. According to wikipedia: “On February 3, 2010, Hidden Beach Recordings sued Jill with founder Steve McKeever stating helped launch Scott’s career and nurtured her into a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter but was unceremoniously dumped in October after a 10-plus year relationship. She was supposed to record and release 3 more albums with Hidden Beach. She is now with Warner Bros.

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