Monica performs “Everything To Me” live on the Lopez show

Ok, here it is: we take back everything we said about both Monica’s reality show and album (both titled Still Standing). We have given it a couple of spins and we think the album is great and, frankly, we can’t stop listening to it. There are so many hits on there and it fill a void in R&B that has been missing for a long time. She went back to basics better than Christina Aguilera and delivered an ode to 90s’ with a modern twist. No one could have done that unless it was Brandy, Monica or the late Aaliyah. Pure loveliness!

Exclusive: Video: “Pull My Heart Away” Jack Peñate

The guy that is currently holding #1 spot in our hearts for the year-end charts has released his 3rd video for his new single. “Pull My Heart Away” is one of the great songs that make a spectacular album. Everything Is New is truly impressive, especially considering Matinee was the one to top, too. The video was filmed in the Jordanian desert. The single will be released on the 24th of August.

Video: “Be The One” by Jack Peñate

Everything Is New is truly a surprise for 2009. A big rock-pop ballast of a record that continues to impress with every spin. No studio tweekings and no solid genre, just good old fusion of lush instrumentation and exceptional lyrics. Plus, his voice is not so bad either. Jack Penate should end up on many year-end charts.