Listen to Beyonce’s new song “Bow Down / I Been On”

beyonce-face-loft965Yes!! Beyonce’s new track is here and its ready to take on your life! Bow down bitches! She is really taking that Rachet sound seriously. We love the experimental breakdown in the middle. It’s just too much to handle. However, there is no need for the rap (or just talking) male part at the end. Still, it’s B!


Exclusive: Pop Form: Betty Who


Atist: Betty Who
Nickname: BDubz (not really… but it’s better than “mess”, the nickname my roommates so endearingly gave me)
Age: 21
Sound Description: Warm, 80’s inspired, indie base with nothin but pop melodies.
Favorite Color: Maroon
Favorite Artist Right Now: Baauer
Favorite Artist Growing Up: Michael Jackson
Favorite Film: Singing In The Rain
Favorite Spice Girl: Ginger Spice (although Sporty Spice was the homegirl growing up)
Favorite Drink: Soy Latte
Favorite Song Lyric: “I looked my demons in the eye, laid bare my chest, said do your best to destroy me. You see I’ve been to hell and back so many times I must admit you kind of bore me. There’s a lot of things that can kill a man, there’s a lot of ways to die, yes and some already dead and walk beside me. There’s a lot of things I don’t understand, why so many people lie, it’s the hurt I hide that fuels the fire inside me.” – Ray Lamontagne, “Empty”
Fantasy One Night Stand: Javier Bardem on a hot summer night in Spain
Most Embarrassing Moment: when I yelled that I had a UTI at my roommates from the bathroom and they had maybe twenty people over to our house in the living room.
Where You Would Like to Be in 5 Years: An apartment in Paris overlooking the Eiffel Tower sipping coffee and writing music.

Latest Single: Somebody Loves You
New Album: EP coming this April!
Twitter: (@bettywhomusic)


Official cover art and track listing of Adele’s “Live At Royal Albert Hall”

Adele’s new live CD and DVD has a cover and this is it. Live At Royal Albert Hall in London is set to drop soon to meet the demands of the lucrative fourth quarter. It’s a great time for Adele to make some more cash, everything she poops now is gold. So, it’s smart to hold off that high-anticipated third album that she allegedly claimed to have worked on. The sleeve is not so bad. It could have been better. Click below for the full tracklisting.

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nicole atkins

Exclusive: 5 Questions With Nicole Atkins

1. picked your track “War Is Hell” as a “Sexy Track” of 2011. How do you feel about that? What is the inspiration behind the song?

I think its great but also very ironic. I wrote this song after a pretty epic fight with an ex. I had all of these little Dia De Los Muertos figurines that got broken as a result of said argument. I was talking to my sister the day after saying how I was looking at all the broken little skeleton men on the ground and how it resembled the fallen on a battlefield. My sister goes, “Well, theres your next song.”

2. Are you preparing another single from the album? If so, which one will it be?

The current single is “Cry Cry Cry.” For the next single after that I’m hoping to put out either “My Baby Don’t Lie” or “You Come To Me.”

3. Are there any interesting projects or tours (perhaps maybe EPs) in the future that you are planning?

This summer we’ll be doing some dates with the Avett Brothers and the Black Keys and then the Bonnaroo festival. After that we’ll be doing our own tour down in the Southeast. We’ll also be recording a 4 song ep of songs that the Black Sea and I wrote together as a band.

4. Your new album, Mondo Amore, is already out. How would you describe it and who were your influences during the recording process?

Mondo Amore is a psychedelic crooner blues rock record. It is a darker record than anything I’ve recorded previously. Its a breakup record without the spite. Its romantic and melancholy and heavy and sexy and rocks really hard.

5. We love quotes, what is your favorite quote or motto?

“When life hands you lemons, squeeze them till the juice runs down your leg.”
Also from Oscar Wilde, “We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are lookin at the stars.”


Exclusive: Erykah Badu terminates plans for “Part 3” of album series!

Erykah Badu, our beautiful soulstress, has ended plans for a third installation of the series New Amerykah. Over a chat we had with her over Twitter, Erykah Badu asserted that there will not be another part to the series. Badu previously announced in a German TV show that she is considering the merger of both brain sides to create part 3. But, now no more! Let’s hope this means there’s another project in the pipeline from one of our favorite singers.

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Exclusive: 5 Questions with Loft965: Rox

1. In 2009 billed you as one of the artists to keep an eye out for in 2010. How was your year been so far?

Its been a great year. VERY busy. First of all I released “Memoirs”, my debut album. Also I have been touring the UK and Europe and have played at some amazing festivals. Oh and yes, forgot to mention, I got to play at the same festivals as Stevie Wonder, Grace Jones, Herbie Hancock!!!!

2. Memoirs is your Debut album. How much time and effort did it take for you to complete it?

Memoirs took a lot of time and efforts for me, I am ultimately very proud of it though so all the hard work paid out. Also it was such a great experience and I am so happy to have had the chance to work and collaborate with many brilliant artists.

3. We know your influences include Joni Mitchell, Sade, Alanis Morissette, Mary J. Blige and Lauryn Hill, but who would your dream collaboration be with?

How about ALL THE ABOVE!

4. “My Baby Left Me” and “I Don’t Believe” are some of our favourite tracks of the year. When will the next single drop and which track will it be?

Thanks! My next single will be Rocksteady and will be released in September. I am looking forward to it. Its the most “Reggae” track out of the whole album and one which emphasizes my Jamaican Roots.

5. Here at we love us some quotes. What’s your favourite quote or proverb?

“If you don’t want anyone to know, don’t do it!”

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