It’s natural and it’s better than viagra

magic3countFound it in a pornographic store that specializes in BDSM in NYC. It’s made from YiziQiang extract, Aakg, B6, Eurycoma and Gota Kola. All herbal (except b6?).  And, it’s not approved by the FDA. Mr. Magic will get you up and ready. Tried it for fun’s sake (not for a pre-diagnosed condition or anything) and it will make you do acrobatics in bed. At any rate, it goes for $5 a pill and it’s all at your own risk.


World’s most expensive SUV

spyker-suv-00Rarely, a topic of ours, but it’s worth a mention. Cars are good as long they get your somewhere and that’s it for me really. Oh, and an iPod jack is a necessity. A simple queer necessity. Anyway, this car is different and even if it looks like a small car, it is an SUV. It’s worth $300,000 and is quite possibly the world’s most expensive SUV unless you encrust yours with swarovski crystals or whatever the kids are doing these days to play pimp. Anyway, here’s an excerpt to better describe it:

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Tech: Tag Heuer’s Meridiist cell phone…

tag-heur-meridiist-cell-phone-080408This is the anti-Vertu. It goes for a ludicrous price ($6100 = KD1,685), but it has a totally different interface and look to it. It can be purchases in Tag Heuer watch stores and is, apparently, selling like hot cakes. It also comes in crocodile skin. How lux!