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Sexy Track: “Shine” by Finley Quaye


Although this brand of music is not new to Finley Quaye, it really hasn’t produced enough hits to quench everybody’s thirst. Finley Quaye completely disappeared for a long while after his critically acclaimed start. Now, after some controversy regarding an alleged racial altercation,  the smooth operator is back with a brand new track that will warm up your winter. This track is just what we expect from Finley Quaye’s post-clubbing trip hop days – cool, calm and collected beachside pop with a whole lotta soul. Check it out!  Continue reading

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First Listen: “Shine” by Finley Quaye

Finley Quaye dropped a couple of hits our way a long long time ago and then disappeared into the abyss of lost talents along with Des’ree and Shea Seger. But, he is now back with a signature song titled “Shine” and its available to download. Listen to it below.

Okay, we just researched him and found out that he was allegedly involved in a racially motivated attack and spat at a women. Click here for more. Not a cute look.
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