Rihanna’s second single from “Talk That Talk” is going to be…

Internet rumors circulating have quasi-confirmed that Rihanna has a second single coming before the release of the album Talk That Talk. Rihanna usually does that – release 2 singles before the album to build some buzz and also to capitalize on the fact that more people will pay for the single and also the song on the album as a cut. The alleged rumor is that the single will be the title track. Yeah, it’s also called “Talk That Talk.” So, there you go. Updates will be posted to verify if this is true or not.  Oh, and also the rumored release date in November 14th, which we think is too close to “We Found Love.”


Official cover art and track listing of Adele’s “Live At Royal Albert Hall”

Adele’s new live CD and DVD has a cover and this is it. Live At Royal Albert Hall in London is set to drop soon to meet the demands of the lucrative fourth quarter. It’s a great time for Adele to make some more cash, everything she poops now is gold. So, it’s smart to hold off that high-anticipated third album that she allegedly claimed to have worked on. The sleeve is not so bad. It could have been better. Click below for the full tracklisting.

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Kelly Clarkson performs “Mr. Know It All” on X-Factor!

We are not the biggest fans of Kelly Clarkson, but we think she has some strong numbers. Upon recommendation from our fellow bloggers we gave her new leaked album a stream or two and we have to say it isn’t so bad after all. We like “Stronger,” it’ll probably be the next single.