Video Premiere: “Turn Up The Radio” by Madonna

Madonna’s third single, “Turn Up The Radio,” from MDNA, has gotten the video treatment in Rome, Italy. The song was the first song to catch our ear when we first streamed the leaked album. The video is cute with Madonna dancing and her entourage acting out the story. A lot of eye candy and some boobies always go a long way.

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Video Premiere: “Inside My Love” by Delilah

Delilah impressed us with her debut single “Love You So.” This is yet another single. We think she needs a robust number (that’s not a ballad) to launch her career. She has the voice, the looks and the talent. All that can propel her is a great track. Perhaps she should do a cover and make it her own like Florence + The Machine did. We would suggest Esther Phillips’ version of “What A Difference A Day Makes.”

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Video Premiere: “Spectrum” by Florence + The Machine

We so wanted to be totally enamored by Florence + The Machine’s second album Ceremonials but it just wasn’t happening. But, to say the least, one of the strongest is this tune. It has enough of the charged ambition of the debut album and the video is not so bad either! Say my name and every color illuminates.

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Florence + The Machine to release “MTV Unplugged” live album!

Florence + The Machine are about to bring back the legendary MTV Unplugged sessions for their new disc. Florence Welch’s vocals are amazing live. She’s one of the artists that sounds better live than in the studio, ask us we’ve seen her live in the beginning of her career. The live album will feature a DVD of the performance, too. MTV Unplugged is slated for an April 9 release. That’s two weeks from now!