justin timberlake

Justin Timberlake readying new album for 2013!

justin timberlakeAllegedly, Justin Timberlake has recorded 20 tracks with long-time collaborator Timbaland. There are rumors circulating around the blogosphere that a new album is in the works and is ready to be released sooner than later. Well, at least in 2013. Is Justin Timberlake releases something soon it will be 7 years since his sophomore record, the last time he hit the charts big time.  Continue reading


Kuwaiti license plate on Beyonce’s video “Run The World (Girls)” confirmed!

You’ve heard the rumor and its true, the vintage car in Beyonce’s new video “Run The World (Girls)” has an old Kuwaiti license plate on it. No word on how it got there or for what reason, but my friend recently told me that he found a Kuwaiti license plate in an antique store, but that was in Dubai. We wouldn’t be surprised if someone picked up randomly somewhere and attached it to the car so the video would have a more Arabic or “ethnic” feel to it. Afterall, this video’s motif is about revolution, and currently, the Arab world is rocking that trend real hard. At any rate, good thing Kuwait got some props because we have some cool pop-heads over here.


Introducing… Stella Mwangi

Songwriter, rapper and singer Stella Mwangi (24) who moved from Nairobi to Norway at age of five, realized early that music was her passion in life. Already at the age of eight she began to perform and make music. Hip hop has always been close to her heart, and she has been supporting artists such as Talib Kweli, Busta Rhymes, Flo-Rida, Rick Ross and Angelique Kidjo at their gigs in Norway.

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Americans going crazy, buying guns…

Gun sales are up because suburbanites are afraid that Obama would put restrictions on new gun laws. I don’t know why gun culture thrives in the US. I mean, they are so secluded and by themselves and its not like crime is that rampant, especially not in places like Hicktown, Florida. It must be something culturally engrained.