Sexy Track: “Bucket List” by Nelly Furtado

Many people have their opinions about Nelly Furtado’s new album. We, on the other hand, saw it coming since she embarked on her journey to record Loose. Although Loose gave Nelly Furtado’s career a second boost it needed to catapult the singers career on the map, this brand of radio-pop is not what makes Nelly Furtado the artist that she is. True, her collaborations with big time producers saved her from delving into oblivion, but now is the time to bring back the old Nelly Furtado – the one that rose on Whoa Nelly! and amused on Folklore.

This track, “Bucket List,” is reminiscent of those days. It’s catchy, lyrically meaningful and melodically wondrous. It’s midtempo at its bess with an acoustic feel and beautiful utilization of a number of instrument. But, the highlight of it all is the sing-along chorus. We hope she picks this as the fourth single from The Spirit IndestructibleContinue reading


Video Premiere: “Parking Lot” by Nelly Furtado


Nelly Furtado is already on her third single from her newly-released album The Spirit Indestructible. Frankly, like the two predecessors it is doing nothing for us at all. It’s just a sound and a shady hook. It’s not juicy enough. It feels like she is trying to imitate the Loose sound without the flair. What do you think?


nelly furtado new 2012 arab spring

Nelly Furtado releases a song titled “Believers (Arab Spring)”


You know, before Nelly Furtado went the mainstream pop way she was a fledgeling sonwgwrited who opened up for other similar acts on Lilith Fair. Her first two albums, Whoa Nelly! and Folklore, were packed with socially conscious lyrics and experimental beats. But, she later decided to fully monetize her talents and released the shake-worthy Loose.

Now, Nelly Furtado is still on her radio-friendly binge, but she still manages to cram in some tracks that have her earlier twist. “Believers (Arab Spring)” is a track that commemorates the happenings of 2011. Yes, it’s the last track on her new album, The Spirit Indestructible, but we are glad she managed to give us some old Nelly Furtado – you know, the one who cared about the world.

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Lykke Li to release “Rich Kid Blues” as fourth single!

Critically acclaimed artist, Lykke Li, is still on the campaign for her second album, Wounded Rhymes. The album is spewing another single out in time for Fall. This time around the track “Rich Kid Blues” is getting the release and its not a surprise as it is one of the better, more polished songs on the sophomore disc. Let’s hope it gets the video treatment!