Geri Halliwell performs new song “Half Of Me” for the first time!

Hmmmm. We are not too sure about this, but we are glad Geri is back because we love her and we know her solo career very well. So, let’s hope there’s more fun music coming even when the her voice sounds not up to par these day, not that it ever was. We love Geri not because of her voice, but because of her aura. Yes, we said it.


Official trailer of the Spice Girls’ “Viva Forever!”

We totally had planned to go to London this upcoming break to see the Girls Aloud  reunion concert and the Spice Girls’ broadway show back to back, however, we changed the plans for some R&R in the far east, you know we love us some Bangkok! Here’s to hoping we’ll catch it next time! Anyway, this doesn’t look very promising, but we are sure its a different experience once you are there! Viva forever!

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Melanie C insinuates that Geri Halliwell is the worst singer in the Spice Girls!

Wow, we always knew that Melanie C wasn’t at her best with Geri Halliwell, but we didn’t know the grudge was still going. Maybe it was said in jest, but we can’t help to believe that she still believes it. Geri Halliwell is not the strongest singer, but she surely has a lot of charisma!  Continue reading