La Roux

La Roux debut new songs!

la rouxLa Roux have waited way too long to come back on the scene. Since 2009’s debut, they haven’t release a thing. That’s a 4 year gap! Yes, they are that old.

Well, the duo are back doing a set of unannounced concerts to test out the new material. Four new song titles have surfaced and they are:

  • Uptight Downtown
  • Kiss And Not Tell
  • Sexoteque
  • Tropical Chancer

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Melanie Fiona does amazing cover of Whitney Houston’s “One Moment In Time”

What is Melanie Fiona blabbing about when she said “One Moment In Time” is “…a forgotten gem from [Whitney’s] catalogue.” No one ever forgot it and it’s a pretty well-known song in all karaoke bars across the world. “Love Is A Contact Sport” – now, that’s a forgotten gem! Maybe she should cover that one!

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Must-Watch: Video Premiere: “Bucket List” by Nelly Furtado

Yes! Nelly Furtado finally came to her senses and released the best track on The Spirit Indestructible as a single! This is what we wanted to happen in the beginning. We hope that Nelly Furtado is not down in the dumps about the slumping sales of the album, because if she could churn up hits like this she will always turn this little hobby of herin profit. This is, hands down, one of our all time favorite Nelly Furtado tracks! Continue reading


Kylie Minogue collaborates with Icelandic band Mum on “Whistle!”

kylie-minogue-aphrodite-photo-shootThis is almost as surprising as when Ani DiFranco collaborated with Jackie Chan. Or something like that. Our favorite dance diva has collaborated with one of our fave Icelandic bands. Yes, who knew it would ever but the power of the soundtrack has brought them together. Kylie Minogue and Mum collaborated and this is the result! Now, all we need is a collaboration between Beyonce and Lianne La Havas and we will be momentarily happy. Continue reading


Adele is still far away from recording third album!

adele being adele new album single photo 2012


Apparently Adele is busy with a lot of meetings and has not yet put the bulk of the effort into her highly-anticipated third album. She said at the Grammy Awards: “I’m not very far along at all… I’m having lots of meetings… I’ve been in LA the whole time since the Globes and I’ll be here till the Oscars,” she continued. “So I’m having lots of meetings but I’ve been out of the loop really.” Continue reading

Rihanna Press Image

Video Premiere: “Stay” by Rihanna featuring Mikky Ekko

Rihanna is on the second single with her bumpy Unapologetic. This is a ballad and it still didn’t catch on with us! The video is a little unsettling with Rihanna looking like she has been through something traumatic. The song and video feature Mikky Ekko.  Continue reading