Legendary: Maya Angelou wins a Grammy!

In 1993 Maya Angelou read her poem “On The Pulse Of The Morning” at the inauguration ceremony for former President Bill Clinton. The performance garnered Angelou her first GRAMMY for Best Spoken Word Or Non-Musical Album in 1993. She won two additional awards in the category for Phenomenal Woman (1995) and A Song Flung Up To Heaven (2002).

Blush Quincy Jones

Quincy Jones Signs Girlband Blush!

Blush Quincy Jones

Mind you Quincy Jones holds the record for the most Grammy wins – with 27 total. This is is huge for the girls.

“It has been my lifelong mission to bring disparate peoples together through music. As such, when I was approached by Blush (sic), I was blown away. With one girl from China, one from Japan, one from Korea, one from India, and one from the Philippines, they are the personification of music’s ability to unite. Many of you probably saw us on the red carpet this weekend on the Grammys and I’ve gotten dozens of inquiries as to what our relationship is.

Therefore, today I am thrilled to announce that my company has signed them and we will be working together to create something truly unique and special. Furthermore, we will be launching a music video for their single “WARRIOR” in just two days, on Valentine’s Day.” – Quincy Jones


Adele is still far away from recording third album!

adele being adele new album single photo 2012


Apparently Adele is busy with a lot of meetings and has not yet put the bulk of the effort into her highly-anticipated third album. She said at the Grammy Awards: “I’m not very far along at all… I’m having lots of meetings… I’ve been in LA the whole time since the Globes and I’ll be here till the Oscars,” she continued. “So I’m having lots of meetings but I’ve been out of the loop really.” Continue reading

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Adele says her good luck charm is Jennifer Lopez at the Grammy Awards!

If that stealer is your good luck charm than you will not be getting anymore Grammys or Awards for that matter. The mess is so selfish is had the audacity to tell Adele that she is her good luck charm. Well, maybe Adele’s good luck charm is in her ability to write songs and sing them brilliantly, unlike J.Lo who steals songs and then does a whack job at it!  Continue reading