Sexy Track: “Now I’m All Messed Up” by Tegan & Sara

tegan+and+sara+newTo us, Tegan & Sara are muddled with Dragonette in a genre we like to call brat alt-pop. However, when we gave Tegan & Sara’s new album Heartthrob a spin, this song caught our ear (And it was brought to our attention by a special someone). It’s a great little ditty hidden at the end of the album about the tumult of an end of a relationship. It’s filled with all kinds of emotions and actually has a pretty underlying sombre mode. It also eerily sounds like a Wilson Philipps song. Listen to it below.

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kesha deconstruction ke$ha

Ke$ha to release exclusie acoustic EP titled “Deconstructed”

Ke$ha announced today that she will be releasing DECONSTRUCTED, an exclusive acoustic EP that will be available at www.Keshasparty.com as part of the Warrior – Fan Edition Warrior – Fan Pack on December 4th.

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