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Video Premiere: “Looking Hot” by No Doubt

It seems the controversial video was released long enough for people to rip it and upload it again. This is the video everyone is talking about. While the song is not really that fabulous, “Looking Hot” might get more attention because of this mini-debacle.

As for our opinion on the issue, we don’t see anything here that is not portrayed in many Western films. After all, it is an act and it is telling a story of sorts even when the lyrics have nothing to do with the tracks. Although we are a little on the icky side now that they have (briefly) endorsed hate monger Ron Paul.  Continue reading

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No Doubt pull their “Looking Hot” video in fear of racism remarks!

Apparently, No Doubt have debuted their new video for “Looking Hot” and managed to delve into “hot” water right away. Gwen Stefani and Co. apparently offended many Native Americans with their imagery and storyline, allegedly. After a couple of comments landed on the YouTube page of the video, the treatment itself disappeared by the management. We didn’t get the chance to see the video but we are curious as to why it was taken off. What kind of imagery was deemed too racist or insensitive? All we see from these stills are teepees and feathered headdresses.

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No Doubt’s new album “Push And Shove” has leaked!


No Doubt (or Gwen Stefani’s decision not to do anymore solo tour, therefore we have to be subjected to a band wit her band) are back. The fiery foursome that made is big in the nineties are back with a full album and its sounds just like the rest of their stuff. The album is called Push And Shove and has leaked onto the internet in full glory.