Shakira sings “Gypsy” live!

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Our favorite song from Shakira’s album She Wolf is being done live again! Giving us more hope of it being a single. Click below to watch.

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Madonna booed in Romania for defending gays and gypsies

I don’t see what all the blog are talking and ranting about. I don’t hear any booing. I hear some kind of jeering and a couple of claps. This is one of the moments that is cherish-able in Madonna’s history as she hasn’t been representing in a while. And how apt is it of her to talk of equality and humanitarianism right before she starts “You Must Love Me” from the Evita soundtrack. Oh, and why “homosexuals.” That sounds so clinical. Part of me wants to kiss her and another knows that it adds a little push to the song. If she continues like this I might just like her again. Now, if only someone could make “Celebration” not sound like a regurgitation of “Keep It Together” with an old Paul Oakenfold beat…