wynter gordon Human Condition Sanguine

Free Download: “Human Condition Pt 2: Sanguine” EP by Wynter Gordon

wynter gordon Human Condition Sanguine

Wynter Gordon has released her new EP, Sanguine – for free! You can download is here. You have the option of donating money to her with the download. As amazing as Wynter’s music is, we know home girl isn’t really selling records. She showed up to Chicago’s Marketdays in short shorts, a hoody, and a cap – a donation wouldn’t hurt. Maybe she’ll be able to afford a freakum dress. This is the 2nd of 4 EPs she is releasing to form an album, Human Condition.


First Listen: “Tomorrow” and “TKO” by Wynter Gordon

Wynter Gordon may be slipping low under the radar of mainstream radio, but, nonetheless, she is churning up some premium music that might not fit genres but is surely tantalizing  Ever since the diva-in-training announced her return with a four-part EP series Wynter has taken the tastemakers by storm.

The second installation of this series is called Human Condition: Saguine is supposed to drop anytime soon and these are two tracks from the offering. The first track is “Tomorrow” and its features Salomon Faye and the second is “TKO” featuring Oxymorrons.

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