Check out Indian Idol!

Now this is a show we would watch. The makers of American Idol have captured a bigger market than the American one and now are concentrating on making this runaway phenomenon a success that they are forgetting about American Idol. “Over a hundred million viewers in Asia await the results of an Indian Idol today. Maybe the folks at American Idol are too busy with a bigger market. Could our Idol judging selection being put on the back burner? Maybe we will have the indian dudes takes over for Simon Cowell,” asserted Lady Obama.

Clip of Kylie Minogue in Bollywood movie “Blue”

What a breath of fresh air this is. Kylie Minogue is looking as lush as ever. She sounds great and I hope she has more parts in the movie. Kylie is one of the few divas that actually branches out on a limb to try new things and she always gets it right. I cant wait for Blue to debut.

Kuwait Crime: Spiderwoman escapes…


‘Wasta’ prevents ‘Spider’-woman’s deportation
Kuwait :  The Indian woman who goes by the name ‘Spider’ and is being held at the Deportation Center is said to have been referred to the Criminal Investigation Department following intervention of some influential people to release her, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. Earlier it was reported action on a tip-off police armed with a search and arrest warrant, in cooperation with personnel from the Ministry of Communications had raided a shop in Murgab and arrested the ‘Spider’ and her three Asian accomplices for trading in international calls via the Internet. The same sources said police had also seized from the gang KD 600 in cash and 56 communication devices including stop watches. The sources added ‘Spider’ had earlier been arrested on four occasions and detained at the Deportation Center but was ‘bailed out’ of prison by some influential people. Police also said securitymen were looking for three other men who escaped when police closed in on the shop.

There are many things I don’t understand from this Arab Times article. First, why is she called ‘spider’-woman. Second, why are the ‘influential people’ nameless. Third, her crime was that she was using Skype? And finally, when did stop watched become illegal. I demand a clarification.