Sugababes’ advert for “Sweet 7”

They are swinging it so you would digest the Sugabaes as the legitimate band when all the original band members are no longer there. Honestly, all respect we had for Sugababes from their first pop-woozy album has diminished, and that was a lot. Even with the Supremes one stuck around throughout the whole thing. With Destiny’s Child it was two.

Premiere: Video: “About A Girl” by Sugababes

It’s just not the same without Keisha Buchanan. They have become too cookie-cutter. Jade Ewen is too squeaky clean for our liking and we feel the band has jumped the shark now. We never thought that we’d see the day that Amelle Barrabah would take center-stage. Horrid line-up, fun song.


Amelle Berrabah is not leaving the Sugababes, Keisha Buchanan is

sugaYes, the news is in. The only original member of the Sugababes, Keisha Buchanan, is leaving the band. And guess what? Forcefully. It’s been confirmed by her. We always felt Amelle Berrabah was up to no good. She probably pulled some strings to make this happen.

Keisha will be signed as a solo artist, which means we’ll get an album out of her before the record label sucks the life out of her. The good thing is, the original Sugababes can all reform. Siobhan, Mutya and Keisha. And Jade Ewen really? It seems ongoing. I wonder why she was asked to leave.  Click below to read Keisha’s statement!

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Amelle Berrabah has quit the Sugababes, replaced by Jade Ewen


You heard it right, the Sugababes have split up again. Amelle Berrabah has left the trio into a duo. After only two full-length albums. That’s sad, but I always thought she was the bad apple. But, then again the only constant member of the group is Keisha Buchanan, so she must be a little shit-starter.

This happened only a couple of weeks before the new album release. That sucks for them. But, they found a replacement. Eurovision loser Jade Ewen. Yes, her. She will be the new Sugababe. Seriously, who does Amelle Berrabah think she is? Leaving Heidi and Keisha all alone right before Sweet 7.

Some correct me, but I recollect that the group once said that if there was another change to the line-up, then that’ll be the end of Sugababes.