Lofty Prediction: Rihanna will release greatest hits collection after this album!

We have always expected the prospect of a greatest hits anthology-type album from Rihanna. Why you ask? Well, she has had enough singles (both hits and misses) to fill a triple disc. With all these rushed albums (did anyone see Talk That Talk coming before 2012?), collaborations, duets and deluxe version tracks, she has enough to pack the punch. In fact, she has more than most people who started out at around her time. If she were to take on such an endeavour after her tour and promo for the new album, she will have all these tracks to repackage and sell to you again:

  1. Pon De Replay
  2. If It’s Lovin’ That You Want
  3. SOS
  4. Unfaithful
  5. We Ride
  6. Break It Off
  7. Umbrella
  8. Shut Up And Drive
  9. Don’t Stop The Music
  10. Hate That I Love You (with Ne-Yo)
  11. Take A Bow
  12. Disturbia
  13. Rehab
  14. Russian Roulette
  15. Hard
  16. Rude Boy
  17. Rockstar 101
  18. Te Amo
  19. Only Girl (In The World)
  20. Raining Men
  21. S&M
  22. California King Bed
  23. Man Down
  24. Who’s That Chick (with David Guetta)
  25. Cheers (Drink To That)
  26. We Found Love
  27. You Da One
  28. Where Have You Been
  29. Talk That Talk single #4
  30. Talk That Talk single #5
  31. Princess Of China (with Coldplay)
  32. Live Your Life (wih Jay-Z)
  33. Love The Way You Lie (with Eminem)
  34. Take Care (with Drake)

Yeah, so that’s enough to fill a triple disc and more considering Rihanna will add a couple of tracks and a new single of the greatest hits collection, because if she doesn’t do it now she’ll have to end up with a box-set and we all know those don’t sell.