Video Premiere: “Booty” by Jennifer Lopez featuring Iggy Azalea


Well, this is something isn’t it. It’s all kinds of horrible. Right after Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda,” Jennifer Lopez tries to capitalize on her “assests” in all the wrongs ways. First, it’s too close to the “Anaconda” video. Second, it’s cheaply shoot and she really doesn’t look that great. Third, it’s too literal to even be cute. And finally, it’s one shitty song. It’s too tacky to even be ratchet. Even Iggy Azalea looks a little uncomfortable at how seriously J.Lo is taking herself.

It’s true that Mariah Carey might have had a flop of an album, though critically acclaimed. J.Lo had worse sales for her miserable AKA. The difference is Mariah Carey would never resort to this tomfoolery to get iTunes purchases. She’s too much of a lady.