Loft List: 15 Essential Depressing Albums by Female Artists!


  • A Temporary Dive – Ane Brun / Token Sad Song: “To Let Myself Go” / Somber Lyric: “To let myself go / to let myself flow / is the only way of being / there’s no use telling me / there’s no use taking a step back from me.”
  • Blame It One Me – Alana Davis / Token Sad Song: “Free” / Somber Lyric: “But I guess your heart was free / free to take the best part of me / and leave a whole where my heart should be / where it used to be.”
  • Colour The Small One – Sia / Token Sad Song: “Don’t Bring Me Down” / Somber Lyric: “I’m going down / going down the drain / don’t bring me down / I beg you.”
  • Let It Rain – Tracy Chapman /Token Sad Song: “Happy” / Somber Lyric: “Should be happy to be loved / Happy to be /With someone who knows / And understands me / I think you’re the one / Everyone agrees / But some can touch the hand of love  / And pull away in disbelief.” 
  • Tidal – Fiona Apple / Token Sad Song: “Never Is A Promise” / Somber Lyric: “You’ll say you understand / but you don’t understand  / You’ll say you’d never give up seeing eye-to-eye  / But never is a promise, and you can’t afford to lie.” 
  • Blue – Joni Mitchell / Token Sad Song: “Blue” / Somber Lyric: “Hey Blue / here is a song for you / Ink on a pin / Underneath the skin / An empty space to fill in.”
  • Not A Pretty Girl – Ani DiFranco / Token Sad Song: “This Bouquet” / Somber Lyric: “If it weren’t for my brain I’d go over and make friends / too bad about my brain ’cause I’d like to make friends /see the little song bird unable to make a sound / even though she follows her words from town to town /we both have gardens of songs and maybe its okay / that I am speechless because I picked you this bouquet.”
  • Solace – Sarah McLachlan / Token Sad Song: “The Path Of Thorns (Terms)” / Somber Lyric: “Just let me ask of you one small thing / As we have shared so many tears / With fervor our dreams we planned a whole life long / Now are scattered on the wind.” 
  • Colour Green – Sibylle Baier / Token Sad Song: “The End” / Somber Lyric: “Time is over where we could simply say I love you / now you opened the door / leave me crying / trying to embrace you again
    trying to face this damn situation man / I can’t / It’s the end, sweet friend of mine.” 
  • Lost Where I Belong – Andreya Triana / Token Sad Song: “Somewhere In The Silence” / Somber Lyric: “A part of you, it doesn’t feel right / But then the other, I hold on too tight / One step I see it could get ugly / Two steps ignoring the signs / But it’s up to you” 
  • Back To Black – Amy Winehouse / Token Sad Song: “Love Is A Losing Game” / Somber Lyric: “For you I was a flame / Love is a losing game / Five story fire as you came / Love is a losing game / One I wish I never played / Oh what a mess we made / And now the final frame /Love is a losing game / Though I battle blind / Love is a fate resigned / Memories mar my mind.”
  • Parallelograms – Linda Perhacs / Token Sad Song: “Hey, Who Really Cares” / Somber Lyrics: “Been coming down for a long time / Changes coming down on me / Can’t seem to carry ’em all now / Been wishing there was someone else I could be”
  • In The Red – Tina Dico / Token Sad Song: “Long Goodbye” / Somber Lyric: “With the sky up above and the warm summer wind / I am watching it change every day / Our worlds rearrange.”
  • Little Earthquakes – Tori Amos / Token Sad Song: “Winter” / Somber Lyric:  “When you gonna make up your mind / When you gonna love you as much as I do / When you gonna make up your mind / Cause things are gonna change so fast / All the white horses are still in bed / I tell you that I’ll always want you near / You say that things change my dear.”
  • 101 – Keren Ann / Token Sad Song: “All The Beautiful Girls” / Somber Lyric: “If they I leave you alone with your misery  / Deep in the fire of your fame / You’ll be begging them me blind / Give me love, give me love / Of every kind.”



Introducing… Valerie June


If Valerie June had been a roots artist in America 80 years ago, and she often sings as if she was, she might have been a principle influence on today’s myriad retro troubadours, hers a stunningly emotive amalgamation of blues, folk, gospel, soul, Appalachian and bluegrass (including irresistible banjo). She exists, however, today, an artist as modern as an iPod Shuffle, a musician for the generation which carries the entire history of recorded music so casually inside its phone.

Like a potent distillation bubbling on a Prohibition-era porch, Valerie June makes self-styled “organic moonshine roots music”, music for the porch parties of today, a party where she strums her guitar, plucks her banjo, opens her mouth and delta-blues-country stridently sashays out, a stunning peal somewhere between Dolly Parton and Billie Holiday. Or is it more Wanda Jackson and Shirley Goodman, you know, from Shirley & Co, who sang Shame Shame Shame so disco friskily in 1974? Valerie June does this to you: reaches inside your musical brain and shakes it, unleashing ghosts, emotions and memories, all fluttering like countless musical flakes inside the snowglobe of your mind. Continue reading

mariah carey new triumphant

Mariah Carey’s new single is titled “Hope Street”

mariahcareyskirtJust when we posted about the details of Mariah Carey’s new album, the title of the first track surfaces. The new single is called “Hope Street.” It’s supposed to be a scorching ballad with, get this, Joni Mitchell tones. We don’t know what this means, but it all good to us. Let’s hope the single is so big it will bring back balladry to the top of the charts.  Continue reading


Legendary: “Summertime” by Janis Joplin

When it comes to hippie times we usually stick to Joni Mitchell, Dory Pervin and Linda Perhacs. But, the other day we stumbled upon a gem of an interview with Janis Joplin and we just loved here mojo, which prompted us to  research her discography and download many tracks. This is one of the ones we love. This is the start of a new love affair.




Kate Earl to release new album titled “Stronger”

Alaska born singer-songwriter Kate Earl will release her new full-length album Stronger on Nov. 19th via Downtown Records. With influences like legendary female vocalists Stevie Nicks, Linda Ronstadt and Joni Mitchell, the sound is a rootsy brand of all-American pop-rock with updated indie vibes from co-writers and producers Brett Dennen and former Dawes member Blake Mills.

Continue reading