Original Sugababes are back together!

The drama continues. The original line-up of the Sugababes (the way we liked them) are back together according to a few not-so-mysterious tweets here and there, allegedly. The two ladies who have active twitter accounts – Mutya and Keisha – have both tweeted that they are in the studio with two other ladies. Hmmm. This is not rocket science as the girls have expressed discontent with what has happen with “their” band. And to us, the band has totally jumped the shark after Keisha left. Let’s hope we hear from the original line up real soon!


Sugababes might lose their name!

The battle for the Sugababes’ name is on.  Ousted member Keisha Buchanan is taking to the courts and everyone is wondering, first, why she decided to do so and, second, why does she think the name is attached to her and not Mutya Buena or Siobhan Donaghy. But, she is working hard on the new album. Let’s hope the solo matter with overshadow Amelle.


Keisha Buchanan is suing for the Sugababes name

Ousted Sugababes member and the last of the originals Keisha Buchanan has taken to the courts to claim the Sugababes name. Yes, one of the original founders and the only one that lasted throughout the career is mad that Amelle Barrebah took the band away from her. Heidi used to be Keisha’s friend but she decided to lay low to keep ahold of her position in the band. Anyway, click here for more info.


Official cover for Sugababes’ album “Sweet 7”


Amelle is still in the hospital for exhaustion or whatever she’s there for. But, the album campaign is still running. This cover is probably their worst. The fire affect in the back and the dresses looks like TopShop threw up on them. They album might have great songs if “Get Sexy” is anything to go by, but, in all honesty, they have lost a whole of credibility with the firing of Keisha Buchanan. They don’t look cohesive enough and Jade Ewen is too cookie-cutter for their edgy image.