Sexy Track: “Fabulous Life” by Mya

Mya has been missing in action for a while, but she was recording her new sixth album K.I.S.S., which stands for Keep It Simple & Sexy. This time around she is not stepping out of her territory that much, but the track “Fabulous Life” is a club banger with a no-qualms attitude to being fabulous. It brings back a little 80s’ beats with its synth mentality. But, it is very much a put-you-make-up-on-before-clubbing track that will get you up and get you going.


Mýa’s album “K.I.S.S.” has leaked!

Mya‘s sixth studio album K.I.S.S., which is an acronym for Keep It Sexy & Simple, has leaked all over the internet. We got her last album Sugar & Spice, but weren’t big fans of it apart from the lead single. This time around Mya’s pushing the sexy even further by the great sleeve we see here. We’re going to give a stream listen and then tell you how we feel.

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