Sexy Track: “Sexy Love” by Kylie Minogue


Leave it to Kylie Minogue to produce another Summer stomper with a whole lotta sex appeal. Although her new album, Kiss Me Once, is not her best in her prolific oeuvre, this track is definitely a grower and can be a huge hit if if it gets a good video (unlike “I Was Gonna Cancel”) and some radio airplay.

The track offers what Kylie Minogue does best – swift beats with a sexy motif and an amazingly catchy chorus. It should have been the first single, if you ask us. “Sexy Love” does not try to be anything but a dance number that will drag your asses to the club and then to the after party and then to the beach without any sleep. Give it a listen.

Kylie Minogue’s next single from “Kiss Me Once” is…


Although Kiss Me Once is not our favorite Kylie Minogue album, it does have enough songs to churn out the hits. The singer worked with many people including Pharrell and Sia for this album. So, there must be at least one or two hits tucked away. And because “Sexercize” is too scandalous for some formats, the next full single will be…

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