Exclusive: Music For Winter: Laxicover V


Laxicover is back for the fifth year in a row! This compilation has tantilzed many hearts with its softer and more laid-back approach to older hits. In a world where YouTube is ever-looming, cover versions are a dime a dozen. However, only a few select tracks really improve or give a different take on the original version. These tracks end up here, if the sound allows for it and if it fits in sequence.

Here you will find classics you know and love in a variety of chill genres, from bossa nova to modern jazz to alt folk. Because the recipe of this compilation is so delicious, we didn’t change the methodology with which we pick and sequence the tracks. It’s prepared just the way you like it! Tell us what you think of Laxicover V. The photography for the cover was gone by THE GENERALIST.

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Again: Music For Winter: Laxicover IV

The legacy of the Laxicover series is well-known by followers of the blog. Also, it is well known by its own followers. This is one of the most-coveted compilations of our sets. When we first started this series we noted: “It’s the type of record that you can play on end in the background and, also, jam to whenever you want.” Well, now it has become an entity on its own and it delivers some of the most beautifully laden cover versions of pop songs in the world. Enjoy it!

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Again: Music For Winter: Laxicover III

Another one of those compilations that you can’t get enough of. This one has become so successful that it’s in its third year running. The concept is simple, it’s a covers mix with songs that we loved and still love after many revamps. So, if you haven’t checked out the first one and second one, you could start from here to see what it’s all about. Mellow, chill renditions that will leave you wanting to make sweet sweet love, or something like that. If you can’t understand the idea of making sweet love, this is not for you.

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Again: Music For Winter: Laxicover II

Due to popular demand, Laxicover has gotten a sequel. Yes, the most downloaded compilation was supposed to be one-off but it’s back for another run. Are you ready for some smooth laying beats? Perhaps a chunk of bossa nova? Well, Laxicover II is probably the only compilation that you will enjoy thoroughly and know all the lyrics to at the same time. We went for an even softer sound this time and we can’t stop listening to it. Also, we incorporated more hairy legs for you this time. Enjoy it as you did the last one and, as always, feedback (or a thank you) is great.

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Again: Music for Winter: Laxicover


Listening to Florence + The Machine’s version of Candi Staton‘s ode to obesity “You Got The Love” reminded us of how powerful a cover version can be and how it could present a different angle to an already marvelous song. This inspired us to make a one-off compilation (which we rarely do) filled with cover versions of songs we love that have been made into different, but equally succulent versions.

Opting for a sound that wouldn’t be overwhelming but still manages to get the song across, we went with the more relaxed covers, hence the name Laxicover. The compilation includes covers within the span of 12 years. What’s good made it, basically. It’s the type of record that you can play on end in the background and, also, jam to whenever you want. We hope you enjoy the chill sounds and my hairy legs.

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