christina aguilera lotus cover new leak

Christina Aguilera’s new album “Lotus” has leaked in full!

Yes, you heard it here first. Christina Aguilera’s new album, Lotus, has leaked onto the internet in its full glory. Xtina’s seventh album is now ready for you to dissect and decide whether it will make it or break it. So far people are tweeting a frenzy about a couple of the tracks. But thats just the initial buzz. We all remember what happened with Bionic. At any rate, the album is available for illegal download but of course we would never recommend that. Still, if you want to buy it, we are sure you can stream all the tracks on YouTube. Now don’t go looking for mediafire, rapidshare, uploaded, fileshare or rapidgator links.

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Beyonce’s new album “4” has leaked in full!


Beyonce’s album has leaked in full. Yes, 4 is out and about! Too early. This is not good news. But, good news for illegal downloaders, which is most definitely not us. Well, ahem. Click here or  here for more information and to be forwarded to another blog to investigate the leak.


Rihanna’s album “LOUD” allegedly leaked!

News just in that Rihanna’s new album LOUD has leaked ahead of its release date. That is really not good news as the last time Rated R was leaked the singer suffered from horrid album sales and had to go for cheap tricks to shift some copies. Anyway, we will get back to you on the details as it is not widespread yet and could be just a rumor sent to us by a fan. But, hey.

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